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  In this festive fable...

Santa goes "galt";

Uncle Sam outlaws Christmas;

AND JUST TWO KIDS with a WISH can bring it BACK.

Will  We the People elect to save the holiday?

Before pre-order is available, you can gain access to the crafting of this timeless classic!

This Christmas fable will be yours for years to come!  Plus, it's written in American!  For kids!

uncle sam book

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Cindy Lou-Hou

I haven't actually read UNCLE SAMta, but it looks OK I guess.  


Can I go now?

Lindsey Lorax

My advanced copy was everything I hoped it'd be –– that is to say, it had pages and words.

I'd also like to add that I think AJ is super good-looking.

Doc Terseuse

I don't always celebrate Christmas because my cats are allergic to trees.  But after I curled up with this book and a venti latte, 

I've got to say...

I still don't get it.

Meet Sean and AJ

Did you know Sean and AJ first met at a flamethrower convention in Topeka, KS?  They argued over whether distance or burn-temp was the most important metric when purchasing.